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It’s a Wrap!…Protective Style Challenge Final Wrap

27 Mar

Hey World!

If  you’ve been following me you know I’ve been on a six month protective/low manipulation style challenge with YouTuber Deb a.k.a KinkyNappyHappy since September of  last year. Last Wednesday was actually the last day but I’ve been a little ill so I wasn’t able to post then. I really enjoyed this challenge, I think I did a good job of keeping my hair in some type of protective or low manipulation style and keeping my hair and ends moisturized. I didn’t do any heat styling or blow drying. I didn’t trim just dusted my ends back in December.  OMG! the time FLEW by! It seems as if I was just posting my second month update! smh

I spent the first quarter of the challenge in mini twists  but after those were out I played around with a few flat twist updos and worked on my flat twisting skills, something I want to become better at. This is my second time doing a protective style challenge I did a personal protective challenge 2011 Fall/Winter but it was only for three months. I will definitely be joining  Ms. Deb and the other ladies again this coming Fall/Winter season for another protective style challenge. My hair seems to thrive off a good hair care regimen and protective styling in the colder months so that’s what I think I’m going to stick to.

Other than the benefits of giving my hair a break and helping to retain moisture this protective challenge has kept me from buying and trying a lot of products.  Overall this protective/low manipulation style challenge was a success. I don’t want make this a long post and I really don ‘t have much else to say. So with being said I’m going to post some pictures to reflect my journey throughout the challenge Enjoy!

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My low manipulation style

My low manipulation style

Right view

Right view

My mini twists had major stretch!!

My mini twists had major stretch!!


Mini Twists Day 1

Mini Twists Day 1

Roll tuck ~n~ pin style

Roll tuck ~n~ pin style

My twists after being wrapped

My twists after being wrapped

Party Hair

Party Hair


The cinnanbun

The cinnanbun

Birthday Look #1

Birthday Look #1

Birthday Look #2

Birthday Look #2



Natural Hair UpDate: 2nd Month Wrap Up for Protective Style Challenge

7 Dec

Hey I’m back with another update on my hair and my protective style challenge.

The 22nd of November marked two months into the challenge we’ve made our way into December, reaching mid-point of the challenge already. I still have the mini twists in, they’re holding up pretty good I retwisted the perimeter over the weekend. I’m going to keep them in for another two and and half weeks. Today I dusted my ends, I  cut off  about a half  inch or less off the majority of my twists and some I cut no more than an inch. I have ran into a potential problem with a few loose strands I found that have either somehow have escaped from the twists or strands that got away while I was twisting, have been sometimes getting tangled at the ends with my twists but I haven’t had any  problems getting the tangles out so I’m not freaking out..  I’ve been slacking on moisturizing and applying castor oil to my scalp and ends daily or every other day, it’s been more like every 3-4 days but I’m going to get back on it. I haven’t washed or co-washed since before I installed my twists but I did take some warm (slighty hot) water and tea tree oil and rubbed my scalp the day before I retwisted my hair. This helped with the itchiness I was starting to experience, I thought that maybe I might have had some buildup on my scalp but I haven’t used anything other than oils on my scalp so if any buildup had occurred it wasn’t really much but the water and tea tree oil was still a good refresher for my scalp. I haven’t been doing much with my twists other than a few simple styles and keeping them moisturized. When I’m just sitting around the house I just let them hang loose or wear them in a bun or my bonnet.  After I take them out I will do a mid-point length check and post pictures.

Ends I cut off

Ends I cut off today

Once I take my twists out I need to do a protein treatment, I haven’t done one since August. For Christmas I want to wear a perm rod set, something I’ve never tried before. Next month in January I am going to take one of my heat passes and straighten my hair for the first time since I’ve started my journey for my birthday.

That’s pretty much it for this update, I’m halfway through this protective style challenge and all is going well so far.

Here are some pictures of the styles I’ve been wearing

Roll tuck ~n~ pin style

Roll tuck ~n~ pin style

My twists after being wrapped

Time to retwist

Party Hair

Party Hair

Protective/Low Manipulation Style Challenge Check-In #1

13 Nov

Wat’s Up Ya’ll hope all is well!

A month ago I started a protective style challenge along with one of my friends in my head, fellow YouTuber KinkyNappyHappy. I’m so overdue on this update but school and mommy life has been consuming all my time and energy for months now. Which is why I was anxious to start this challenge because  I don’t have time to do hair every day and on the top of that the weather is getting frigid here in Detroit so having my hair out is no going to work.

For most of the month of October I haven’t done much to my hair since the hairstyle I shared earlier in the month. All I have been doing is keeping my hair in about 8 to 10 plaits and keeping it moisturized. I did do a blow out and braid or twist out (I can’t remember) and rocked that for a couple of days but my hair and ends soon started to feel dry which let me know that it was time to really put my hair away so I did an overnight hot oil treatment(lazy night)  and co-washed the next day.

I have been obsessing over mini twists for weeks so I decided to do some. I wanted to do them on stretched hair but didn’t want to use anymore heat in my hair, so after the co-wash I plaited my hair in 10 plaits and pinned the 6 in the back across my head going horizontally and the vertically to stretch the braids in the  front. This little method worked good but days later I discovered a technique called “African Threading”.  This technique is BOMB ya’ll it gives a super stretch blow dried effect and look. I will be using the African Threading technique to stretch my hair from now on, I will only use heat if I’m in a rush to style. ( I’ll do a post on how I did this technique the next time I stretch my hair)

To do my mini twists I used my homemade whipped shea butter & aloe vera gel mix to twists my hair. I used Naptural85’s mini twists technique as I did on my last set of mini twists. I took me a course of 5 days to do them because of mommy life and homework. I used Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream and Smooth & Shine Polishing Curl Activator Gel to define my ends. To moisturize my twists I’m using my water and aloe vera juice spritz and/or Shea Moisture Yucca and Aloe Thickening Growth Milk and sealing it with my oil concoction (Evoo,Jojoba, JBCO, & Avocado) and castor oil or J.B.C.O on my scalp.

I’m not sure if I will co-washing it will be depending on how my hair and scalp starts to feel as time passes. I plan on keeping these twists in until the beginning of December.

So far the challenge is going along pretty smoothly and quickly this first month blew by. I’m really loving how my twists turned out too the African Threading technique really stretched my hair and gave my twists a lot of length.

Well that ‘s all for now until next time

Peace & Blessings and Have a HHJ 🙂

My Hair after African Threading

My mini twists has major stretch!!


My hair after the stretched braid

Fall/Winter Protective/Low Manipulation Style Challenge

27 Sep


This is a really cute protective style!

Saturday I started my protective/low manipulation style challenge, it’s getting cold fast here in Detroit and classes are going to be demanding soon so this is the perfect time to start. The weather is changing which means so will my wardrobe, as the temperature drops I’ll pulling out my sweaters, scarves, and my wool coat. Our clothes and the cold weather can have damaging effects on our hair which leads to breakage.

I want to protect my hair from the cold weather and the rough materials of the clothes so from 9/22/12 until 3/20/13 I will be wearing my hair in protective/low manipulation styles. I also find that when I leave my hair in styles like twists, braids, etc. and keep them moisturized I retain my length easier.

Protective styling during the colder months is essential to my regimen because having my hair out in the brisk winds and freezing weather we have here in Michigan will have my hair extremely dry and dull which would lead to SSKs and breakage. On top of that wearing my scarves, sweaters, and my wool coat can cause major damage if I’m wearing my hair out daily being that my hair is pass shoulder length it will be constantly rubbing up against those rough textured materials cause my ends to become dry and soon they will become brittle and raggedy. If I keep my hair in protective styles or low manipulation styles I figure I will be able to keep my hair moisturized and my ends protected and if I keep my ends in good condition I will have to trim less and retain more length. I’m an inch and a half or so  away from APL so I’m trying to gain and retain as much length as I possibly can. In my opinion wearing protective styles give you the chance to discover and focus on weak spots and pin point any problems you may be experiencing. I discovered earlier this year while wearing my mini twists a few weak and thin spots I have from heat damage and lack of moisture, since then I know to pay attention to and take special care of my hair in those areas.

Moisturizing my hair is essential as well during this challenge. Well conditioned and moisturized hair is easier to manipulate and is less prone to tangles and breakage.

I will be doing a combination of protective styles and low manipulation styles throughout this challenge. What’s the difference between a protective style and a low manipulation style? A protective style is a style where your ends are completely protected or tucked away. Twists, braids with extensions (Crown & Glory Method), roll tuck and pin styles, french rolls, bantu knots, wigs, full weaves, and buns are some examples of protective styles. Low manipulation styles are styles that allow you to have your hair in some kind of style that doesn’t require constant or a lot of manipulation once the style has been set. Mini twists, loose twists, mini braids, flexi rod or cold rod sets, straw sets, braid outs, twists outs and wash and gos are some examples of low manipulation styles. A low manipulation style can easily become a protective style by just simply gathering the hair into a bun or roll, tuck and pin style  or any other style that will completely hide and protects the ends hints the name protective style. 🙂

Ladies with TWAs can do protective and low manipulation styles as well using extensions, wigs, weaves and wash & gos.

My Regimen for the Protective/Low Manipulation Style Challenge

Pre-Pooing with a hot oil treatment and finger detangle

Wash weekly or bi-weekly (Depending on style) & whether I wash my hair using shampoo or Co-wash will depend on the ingredients I use in my hair or how my hair and scalp feels

Deep Condition with conditioning cap after each wash or co-wash( I also will be adding castor oil to my deep conditioner of choice)

Egg & Honey Protein treatment once a month

I will only use heat (blow dryer) on my hair NO MORE  than twice a month

I will NOT be doing any major trims just dusting my ends as needed (Last trim was the end of August)

My hair will be in a protective/low manipulation style at least 5 days out of the week

I will be moisturized daily and applying J.B.C.O, castor oil or my oil mix to my scalp daily

I will be posting a monthly update & posting pics of my hair at the beginning of the challenge, mid point & the end of the challenge

I don’t use many tools on my hair I finger detangle for the most part only use my widetooth comb to make sure I’ve removed all shed hair or when I’m being lazy and I use my faux denman when doing certain styles

The products I will be using will change for time to time because I’m still on my product quest

I will be drinking more water and not just because I’m growing out my hair but because I know I should be drinking more water

I will also TRY to take my Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins but I’m going to make any promises I HATE taking pills and their so big! Lol

That’ s pretty much it!

*Disclaimer* I have alter this challenge and my regimen according to what I feel MY HAIR needs. I’ve added a few things to my regimen in hopes to help my hair stay moisturized and protected during the coming cold weather

I hope this will help some one

Thanx for stopping by & until next time

Peace & Blessings

Current length *the back the longest layer almost APL*

 Right side

Left side *I was getting lazy with camera*