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I ❤ African Threading

8 Apr


Last year back in October I was introduced to a new stretching method called  African Threading. I used this method to stretch my hair without using any heat.  Just to give you an idea African Threading is when you take your hair after washing and conditioning and wrap it with a string of thread (the thread used to sew in weaves) tightly around a small to medium section of hair from the root to tip, when you get to the end make a knot.  Don’t worry I will link videos demonstrating the technique.

I used this method a couple of times, once to stretch my hair for the mini twists I did in October and a second time after I lightened my hair . I really like using this method to stretch my hair opposed to using the blow dryer. You can not do this method if you need your hair dried and styled right away, this method is a two day process if you want to get the super stretched blow dried look or you can just leave it the Plaits for one whole day or overnight or as long as your need for your to fully dry and your results would be more as if you used the tention method to blow your hair out. This method is easy and once you get the hang of it doesn’t take long.

African threading is a great alternative to blow drying, you get the same results without the worries of heat damage. This will be my go to for stretching my hair from now on unless I need my hair dried and stretched immediately.

The first time trying African Threading in Oct '12

The first time trying African Threading in Oct ’12

African Threading Results 2nd time
African Threading Results 2nd time

And here’s a video on the African Threading Technique in great detail

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