One Month Left! Protective Style Challenge Check In Month 5

25 Feb

Hey Ya’ll Hey!

Man time has flown, the protective style challenge will ending next month. I have been enjoying this challenge, I get lazy with my hair and don’t want to mess with it every day so protective styling  works perfect for me.  It’s cold here in Michigan so having my hair out just isn’t going to work for me, my hair would be bone dry if I wore it out everyday and “Anit nobody got time for that”! I am excited to see my progress and there are a ton of styles I’m looking forward to trying, I plan on having a little fun with my hair this Spring & Summer.

I have done a couple styles, a flat twisted updo and some loose twists. My hair is currently in a flat twist updo, I’m trying to perfect my flat twisting  and styling skills. Up until this point I wasn’t big on styles and styling I would just rock twists or a puff but now since my hair is longer and thicker I’ve decided to learn how to style my hair. So I am going to try for the next few weeks to try and do some type of flat twist style for more practice.

Even though the protective style challenge will be ending and Spring is approaching Michigan weather can be crazy and sometimes the beginning of Spring can still feel like Winter. So if the weather decides to fail me I am going to continue my protective styling until I feel the moisture return to the air because I can’t afford for my hair to get all dried out and start breaking on me. After this challenge ends there are a few things I want to try with my hair. So stay tuned, month 6’s  theme is reflections so I will try and put together a collage of picture of  the next wrap post. That’s pretty much it for this check in I don’t have much to report. I’m hanging in there!

Until next time

Thanx for stopping by

Peace & Blessings

Ambee 🙂1359850999736



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