I Did It Again…..I Lightened My Hair with Peroxide

15 Feb


Disclaimer: Try at your own risk. I am not a professional. If your hair is not in it’s healthiest condition I DO NOT suggest you try this or any other coloring technique unless consulted by a professional first.

About two weeks ago I went ahead and lightened my hair again, which was loong overdue. My hair has grown so much since the last time I lightened it, a couple months ago I wanted to lighten my hair but it was feeling a little to dry for my liking so I put it off.

I got the itch again last month to lighten my hair the dark roots and light ends were starting to get old so I decided to go ahead on lighten my hair.

Before I lightened

Before I lightened

I basically followed the same the steps I did the last time.

Added 2Tbs of Lemon Juice to my spray bottle

Filled it a little more than half the way with peroxide I bought from my local drugstore.

Put my hair in about 8-10 chunky twists and sprayed my hair focusing mostly on the roots

Put on a plastic cap and went to sleep

This is what I woke up to

My hair seem to lighten quicker this time, maybe it didn’t but I didn’t need to spray my hair all day like I did the first time nor did I have to use all of my peroxide/lemon juice mixture. I think I sprayed the whole amount I had in the bottle the last time. I only sprayed my hair twice this time, that night before and the following morning. I didn’t leave it in all day long like before either, well I guess 7 p.m isn’t considered all day. lol

I washed the peroxide out with Suave Almond and Shea butter shampoo and deep conditioned with Aubreys Organic Honeysuckle rose conditioner mixed with a ton of oils and some honey, I left it on overnight. The next morning I rinsed with cool water and my hair felt very moisturized thanks to my conditioner concoction.

These are my final results
100_4175 100_4176

I am very pleased with my results it’s definitely brighter than last time.

1st peroxide lightening result (Mar '12)

1st peroxide lightening result (Mar ’12)

Until next time

Thanx for stopping by

Peace & Blessings and have a happy HHJ! 🙂


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