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One Month Left! Protective Style Challenge Check In Month 5

25 Feb

Hey Ya’ll Hey!

Man time has flown, the protective style challenge will ending next month. I have been enjoying this challenge, I get lazy with my hair and don’t want to mess with it every day so protective styling  works perfect for me.  It’s cold here in Michigan so having my hair out just isn’t going to work for me, my hair would be bone dry if I wore it out everyday and “Anit nobody got time for that”! I am excited to see my progress and there are a ton of styles I’m looking forward to trying, I plan on having a little fun with my hair this Spring & Summer.

I have done a couple styles, a flat twisted updo and some loose twists. My hair is currently in a flat twist updo, I’m trying to perfect my flat twisting  and styling skills. Up until this point I wasn’t big on styles and styling I would just rock twists or a puff but now since my hair is longer and thicker I’ve decided to learn how to style my hair. So I am going to try for the next few weeks to try and do some type of flat twist style for more practice.

Even though the protective style challenge will be ending and Spring is approaching Michigan weather can be crazy and sometimes the beginning of Spring can still feel like Winter. So if the weather decides to fail me I am going to continue my protective styling until I feel the moisture return to the air because I can’t afford for my hair to get all dried out and start breaking on me. After this challenge ends there are a few things I want to try with my hair. So stay tuned, month 6’s  theme is reflections so I will try and put together a collage of picture of  the next wrap post. That’s pretty much it for this check in I don’t have much to report. I’m hanging in there!

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Original Moxie Oasis Moisture Gel Reveiw

23 Feb


Hey Ya’ll!

Okay, I had been waiting to take my mini twists down to use this product and boy was it killing me. I’ve been wanting to try this product since I seen YT’s Chary Jay’s reveiw and style on this gel. I used the Just gel back in October I believe it was and had a good experience so I was really looking forward to using the Oasis moisture gel. After wearing my hair out two weekends in a row for my B’day it was time to get back on my protective styling. I decided to do a flat twist updo.

Description– Has your hair lost it’s groove? Get it back with this miracle treatment that restores life to damaged strands. The initials are “OMG” for a reason. Sodium Lactate, a powerful, naturally occurring humentant, attracts moisture and binds it to the hair, creating a dramatic improvement in softness and body after just one use. Who needs to live in a desert when you can have an Oasis at your fingertips?

Ingredients– Aqua (Water), Vegetable Glycerin***, Aloe barbadensis Leaf Preserved With Potassium Sorbate*** & Citric Acid***, Sodium Lactate, Polyquaternium-10, Tocopherol*** (Vitamin E), Hydrolyzed Silk***, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid , Panthenol, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Essential Oils of Santalum album (Sandalwood), Citrus aurantium amara (Neroli), Coriandrum sativum L. (Coriander), & Citrus aurantifolia (Lime).

Instructions– Rake through wet hair and distribute evenly. Use a small amount for fine, thin hair and a generous amount for thick hair. Do not rinse out. Follow with your usual styling treatment.

My Experience–  I started my style on air dried wash and conditioned hair, I later dampened my hair with just water & aloe vera juice as I styled it to make it easier to manipulate. The Oasis moisture gel has a similar consistency to the Just gel, without the stickiness because the Oasis gel isn’t a flexseed based gel, I honestly don’t understand what gives this gel it’s hold but something does!  The color and scent of the gels differ as well the Oasis gel is clear and the Just gel is a yellow/brown color. The Oasis gel has a clean herbal scent and the Just gel has a minty herbal scent. The Oasis gel smooths on the hair nicely and defines curls. My hair had a nice shine and held quite well. My hair didn’t dry out or feel crunchy, well except for a couple of the twists I retwisted but that was my fault because I applied more gel as I retwisted. I really enjoyed this gel, it’s a really good gel everything I look for in a gel hold, shine and no crunch. You don’t need to use alot of product I still have a little more than half of my 1oz sample.

Final Say–  Overall I enjoyed the Oasis gel along with the other two products I was sent to try. The Oasis gel  has a good hold and gave great definition my hair didn’t feel dry or crunchy when I unraveled my twists. My hair had a nice shine too. Oasis gel is the perfect gel for those who like a gel with a firm  lasting hold without having dry and crunchy and sometimes flacky hair. Now I did find that the twists I used the extra gel on had a slight crunch and a little flaking, but as I said before that’s my fault because I added the extra gel. So be careful not to over apply.

Ms. Racheal really put some time and research into these products, the ingredients are very nourishing  and my hair responds well to them. I will be trying more of Original Moxie’s products. I think Original has become my luxury staple line, whenever they have an awesome sale I will definitely be purchasing full sizes of several of the products I have already tried. I LOVE this line despite the prices.

Price–  $5 -1 oz, $12 -4oz, $22-8oz

These products can be found

Here’s some picture of the style & how it transformed


Look at that definition

100_4098 100_4100 100_4101 100_4103 100_4104 1359143782711 1359144989250 1359144994524 1359145003296 1359145008883 100_4120

Introducing Lush Curl Hair Box

20 Feb


Lush Curl Hair Box is a up and coming natural hair subscription box. Lush Curl Hair Box was created by natural curly girl Sherika Powells who has been natural for 3 years and personally understands the struggle of transitioning to natural hair. There’s so many products to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Sherika wants to make your transition and natural hair journeys smoother by becoming your curls personal shopper. Five to six products are hand selected for you to try each month which will be delivered to your door for an affordable price, less than $25. Lush Curls hair Box will feature products that are both all natural and products that are not so natural, there will occasionally be natural skin care products, jewelry and accessories in the box.

Lush Curls Hair Box will be launching soon, join their VIP mailing list to keep updated for the product launch date as well as to secure your spot with their service, limited spots are available. Good News for my neighbors across the bridge (Canada) Lush Curls Hair Box delivers to ya’ll, That’s What’s Up!

If are interested in becoming an affiliate of Lush Curls Hair Box or want to advertise your products in Lush Curls Hair Box contact Sherika Powells by email

Join the VIP mailing list at their website

Follow Lush Curls Hair Box on Twitter @LushCurlsBox & like their Facebook Fan Page Lush Curls Hair Box

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Managing Natural Hair, the Kinky Coily & the Curly

17 Feb


In the beginning of my journey keeping my hair manageable and pliable was two of my biggest problems. Part of it had to do with some of the products I was using that weren’t really moisturizing my hair as it should but it mostly were my techniques and my being lazy that was contributing to my hair being so matted, tangled and full of knots.

Hard to manage hair can cause you to spend a lot of unnecessary time detangling and styling your hair and can cause you a lot of frustration in your journey. Around month 5 into my journey I started getting a little lazy with my hair I was wearing a puff basically every day, I wasn’t deep conditioning, or using a leave-in conditioner. After wearing a puff for like 2 weeks straight and not thoroughly detangling my hair my hair had formed some serious knots, at this point in my journey I started to make a few changes and as the months passed a started adding a few more changes and later I started to notice a difference in my hair’s manageability.

Here are some tips I want to share with you that helped me get my hair’s manageability under control.

• Detangle- Detangling is a critical part of your regimen whether you like to detangle before a wash or after, you should thoroughly detangle your hair. Detangling helps remove shed hairs, knots, and tangles. Going to long without detangling your hair becomes matted, the shed hairs gets all caught with the tangles and cause knots resulting in hard to comb/detangle hair and breakage.

• Moisturizing- Moisturizing is very important when it comes to your hair’s manageability keeping your hair well conditioned and moisturized will help combat tangles and knots. When your hair is dry and has curled/coiled up on itself it can become tangled, matted and impossible to manipulate, so make sure to keep your hair moisturized to help keep your hair pliable and easy to manage.

• Make sure to focus on moisturizing and sealing your ends, doing so will keep your kinks, coils, and curls from knotting and tangling when they clump together at the ends.

• Wash your hair in sections and in a downward motion opposed to the loose state and rough back and forth (scratching) motion you’re used to which can cause your strands to tangle and knot. Washing your hair in a downward motion, working the cleanser down to your ends also so helps so release shed hairs which can get tangled in your curls/coils or single strands knots that you may have.

• Deep Condition with heat- this has help aid in reducing my tangles. Deep conditioning with heat opens (lefts) the cuticles allowing the moisture to penetrate the scalp and hair shaft resulting in softer, more manageable hair.

• Keep your hair stretched- when you allow your hair to curl/coil up on its self causing your hair to tangle and knot.

• Trim your ends- sometimes you experience knots and tangles because your ends may have single strand knots (SSKs) and when your strands wrap around each other or you’re detangling and removing shed hairs the strands become tangled and knotted along with the knots on the ends of your hair. Trim your ends to get rid of single strand knot and to maintain healthy ends.

• Rinse your conditioners out with cold or cool water- Rinsing your conditioners out with cold or cool water closes and seals the cuticles on the strands, locking in moisture and leaving the hair smooth and less prone to frizz and tangles.

• Try doing an ACV rinse, like the cold/cool water technique, doing an ACV rinse can also help close and smooth the cuticles resulting in smoother hair.

• Be gentle when manipulating your hair, rushing while handle your hair can cause your create tangle and knots. Instead of ripping at your kinks, coils, and curls or yanking at them with a comb when they become tangled and knotted, smooth and rub the tangles and knots out.

• If your hair is dry and you want to manipulate it dampen it with water with or without aloe vera juice to make help more pliable.
*Tip* Aloe vera juice moisturizes and softens the hair.

• The last tip I am going to leave you with is to reduce the amount of heat you’re currently using on your hair. An excessive amount of heat (blow drying, flat ironing etc) can dry your hair our especially your ends; being that they are the oldest parts of your hair you should be taking extra care of them to keep them healthy and tangle free. Constant heat styling will cause you to have to trim more than you probably would prefer. So opt for other options to stretch your hair like flexi rod sets or roller sets (perfect for transitioners).

I hope these tips help some of you natural out there, they have made a world of difference in my regimen and hair’s health.

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I Did It Again…..I Lightened My Hair with Peroxide

15 Feb


Disclaimer: Try at your own risk. I am not a professional. If your hair is not in it’s healthiest condition I DO NOT suggest you try this or any other coloring technique unless consulted by a professional first.

About two weeks ago I went ahead and lightened my hair again, which was loong overdue. My hair has grown so much since the last time I lightened it, a couple months ago I wanted to lighten my hair but it was feeling a little to dry for my liking so I put it off.

I got the itch again last month to lighten my hair the dark roots and light ends were starting to get old so I decided to go ahead on lighten my hair.

Before I lightened

Before I lightened

I basically followed the same the steps I did the last time.

Added 2Tbs of Lemon Juice to my spray bottle

Filled it a little more than half the way with peroxide I bought from my local drugstore.

Put my hair in about 8-10 chunky twists and sprayed my hair focusing mostly on the roots

Put on a plastic cap and went to sleep

This is what I woke up to

My hair seem to lighten quicker this time, maybe it didn’t but I didn’t need to spray my hair all day like I did the first time nor did I have to use all of my peroxide/lemon juice mixture. I think I sprayed the whole amount I had in the bottle the last time. I only sprayed my hair twice this time, that night before and the following morning. I didn’t leave it in all day long like before either, well I guess 7 p.m isn’t considered all day. lol

I washed the peroxide out with Suave Almond and Shea butter shampoo and deep conditioned with Aubreys Organic Honeysuckle rose conditioner mixed with a ton of oils and some honey, I left it on overnight. The next morning I rinsed with cool water and my hair felt very moisturized thanks to my conditioner concoction.

These are my final results
100_4175 100_4176

I am very pleased with my results it’s definitely brighter than last time.

1st peroxide lightening result (Mar '12)

1st peroxide lightening result (Mar ’12)

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Protective Style Challenge Mid-Point Length Check

12 Feb

I am so ashamed to even post this because it is way past overdue but here’s my mid point length check for Deb’s Protective Style Challenge. These picture were taken January 1st or 2nd.

The back (Jan '13)

The back (Jan ’13)

(Sept '12) *the back

(Sept ’12) *the back

Right Side (Jan '13)

Right Side (Jan ’13)

 right side (Sept '12)

right side (Sept ’12)

Left side (Jan '13)

Left side (Jan ’13)

Left side (Sept '12)

Left side (Sept ’12)

The front (Jan '13)

The front (Jan ’13)

Front (Sept '12)

Front (Sept ’12)

How I Moisturize My Twists & Minimize Frizz

12 Feb

The main reason I like to wear twists and mini twists is, it’s an easy way for me to keep my hair moisturized. I find that when I wear my hair in out styles during the colder months my hair doesn’t retain any moisture, twist give me the opportunity to give my hair a break and keep my hair well moisturized especially my ends. What I do is  really nothing major, no special products or anything but I do have a trick I use to help to keep the frizz at a minimum.

First I like to spray my hair with my water and aloe vera juice concentrating on my ends then slightly dampen the length of my hair and scalp.

Next I take a water based moisturizer or leave-in into my palms and literally squeeze it into my twists, I like to squeeze the product into my twists versus smoothing it onto the twists because that creates frizz.

Then I seal my scalp,ends and twists with castor oil, JBCO or my oil mix or I seal my twists with my homemade shea butter & oil mix.

That’s it, that’s my simple 3-step regimen to keeping my twists and ends moisturized and keeping my frizz at a minimum. This 3-step method I use is similar to the L.O.C method, a great method I use to moisturize and seal your hair. The products depend on your hair type, needs, and preferences.  I like to use heavy butters, creams, and oils on my hair because it’s so thick and always thirsty especially in this cold dry weather. And I don’t worry about the water and water based products shrinking my hair up, I just wrap my twists as I were to if  my hair was straightened or relaxed and the next day I still have my length, you can pin your twists down or stretch them in a ponytail but I don’t mind shrinkage so some nights I skip the whole wrapping/stretching thing.

Mini Twists Day 1

Mini Twists Day 1

Another close up of the minis (before retwisting)

Another close up of the minis (before retwisting)

Mini twists 2 wks in

Mini twists 2 wks in

Days before I retwisted them still not much frizz just puffy roots

Days before I retwisted them still not much frizz just puffy roots

I used this method on my loose twists I done on dry hair

I used this method on my loose twists I done on dry hair

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Protective Style Challenge Check- In months 3 & 4

11 Feb

           Hey Ya’ll Happy New Year!  Happy Black History Month! I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season. Lol It’s been a while since I last posted, I’ve been writing but not posting (LAZY!) but I’m back starting off with an update. 🙂

Time has really been flying I’m already 4 months into my protective style challenge with Deb from KinkyNappyHappy on YouTube. I haven’t done an update since I think early December smh. I’ve tried a few styles and products since.  

The weekend of Christmas I took my mini twists out and I’ve confirmed what I already suspected after wearing my box braids  for almost 3 months; if  I keep my hair in twists or braids for 6 weeks or longer my hair starts to lock in the back and crown areas. Thankfully the locking didn’t cause me any problems or breakage when taking my mini twists out. I think me keeping my hair moisturized throughout the 8 weeks they were in helped me with being able to work through the parts of my hair that had locked without it breaking because my hair wasn’t dry and crispy. It took me a course of 2 days to remove my twists smh.

I wore my hair in a cinnabun for two days, this was my first time trying this style I really liked it. On the second day I finger detangled and removed as much shed hair as I could then followed with my regular regimen. I wore the cinnabun just about every day until my birthday.

My birthday was on the 8th of January, so you know I had to “Jazz it up” a bit, which was January’s theme for the challenge. Jazz it up means to add some accessories, makeup or even a funky updo style to your looks for the month. I don’t have many accessories although I did wear a cute headband on NYE with the cinnabun, and I wore a little makeup on two occasions. I tried a couple new products too, flaxseed gel and Original Moxie’s Oasis gel reviews coming soon. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping my hair moisturized and keeping my ends protected. We have 2 months left of this challenge and I plan on sticking it out until the end. I have a few styles I want to try before the challenge ends and I also plan on lightening my hair again so stay tuned for that!

Mini twist out

Mini twist out

The cinnanbun

The cinnanbun

Birthday Look #1

Birthday Look #2

Birthday Look #2


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5 Feb

This is so Hawt!!