Natural Hair UpDate: 2nd Month Wrap Up for Protective Style Challenge

7 Dec

Hey I’m back with another update on my hair and my protective style challenge.

The 22nd of November marked two months into the challenge we’ve made our way into December, reaching mid-point of the challenge already. I still have the mini twists in, they’re holding up pretty good I retwisted the perimeter over the weekend. I’m going to keep them in for another two and and half weeks. Today I dusted my ends, I  cut off  about a half  inch or less off the majority of my twists and some I cut no more than an inch. I have ran into a potential problem with a few loose strands I found that have either somehow have escaped from the twists or strands that got away while I was twisting, have been sometimes getting tangled at the ends with my twists but I haven’t had any  problems getting the tangles out so I’m not freaking out..  I’ve been slacking on moisturizing and applying castor oil to my scalp and ends daily or every other day, it’s been more like every 3-4 days but I’m going to get back on it. I haven’t washed or co-washed since before I installed my twists but I did take some warm (slighty hot) water and tea tree oil and rubbed my scalp the day before I retwisted my hair. This helped with the itchiness I was starting to experience, I thought that maybe I might have had some buildup on my scalp but I haven’t used anything other than oils on my scalp so if any buildup had occurred it wasn’t really much but the water and tea tree oil was still a good refresher for my scalp. I haven’t been doing much with my twists other than a few simple styles and keeping them moisturized. When I’m just sitting around the house I just let them hang loose or wear them in a bun or my bonnet.  After I take them out I will do a mid-point length check and post pictures.

Ends I cut off

Ends I cut off today

Once I take my twists out I need to do a protein treatment, I haven’t done one since August. For Christmas I want to wear a perm rod set, something I’ve never tried before. Next month in January I am going to take one of my heat passes and straighten my hair for the first time since I’ve started my journey for my birthday.

That’s pretty much it for this update, I’m halfway through this protective style challenge and all is going well so far.

Here are some pictures of the styles I’ve been wearing

Roll tuck ~n~ pin style

Roll tuck ~n~ pin style

My twists after being wrapped

Time to retwist

Party Hair

Party Hair

3 Responses to “Natural Hair UpDate: 2nd Month Wrap Up for Protective Style Challenge”

  1. kinkycurlyliebe December 7, 2012 at 4:35 am #

    Go ‘head now girl. I see that red Lippy haha. Your twist look good. I wish I could do mini twist but I love wash n gos too much! :/

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