Protective/Low Manipulation Style Challenge Check-In #1

13 Nov

Wat’s Up Ya’ll hope all is well!

A month ago I started a protective style challenge along with one of my friends in my head, fellow YouTuber KinkyNappyHappy. I’m so overdue on this update but school and mommy life has been consuming all my time and energy for months now. Which is why I was anxious to start this challenge because  I don’t have time to do hair every day and on the top of that the weather is getting frigid here in Detroit so having my hair out is no going to work.

For most of the month of October I haven’t done much to my hair since the hairstyle I shared earlier in the month. All I have been doing is keeping my hair in about 8 to 10 plaits and keeping it moisturized. I did do a blow out and braid or twist out (I can’t remember) and rocked that for a couple of days but my hair and ends soon started to feel dry which let me know that it was time to really put my hair away so I did an overnight hot oil treatment(lazy night)  and co-washed the next day.

I have been obsessing over mini twists for weeks so I decided to do some. I wanted to do them on stretched hair but didn’t want to use anymore heat in my hair, so after the co-wash I plaited my hair in 10 plaits and pinned the 6 in the back across my head going horizontally and the vertically to stretch the braids in the  front. This little method worked good but days later I discovered a technique called “African Threading”.  This technique is BOMB ya’ll it gives a super stretch blow dried effect and look. I will be using the African Threading technique to stretch my hair from now on, I will only use heat if I’m in a rush to style. ( I’ll do a post on how I did this technique the next time I stretch my hair)

To do my mini twists I used my homemade whipped shea butter & aloe vera gel mix to twists my hair. I used Naptural85’s mini twists technique as I did on my last set of mini twists. I took me a course of 5 days to do them because of mommy life and homework. I used Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream and Smooth & Shine Polishing Curl Activator Gel to define my ends. To moisturize my twists I’m using my water and aloe vera juice spritz and/or Shea Moisture Yucca and Aloe Thickening Growth Milk and sealing it with my oil concoction (Evoo,Jojoba, JBCO, & Avocado) and castor oil or J.B.C.O on my scalp.

I’m not sure if I will co-washing it will be depending on how my hair and scalp starts to feel as time passes. I plan on keeping these twists in until the beginning of December.

So far the challenge is going along pretty smoothly and quickly this first month blew by. I’m really loving how my twists turned out too the African Threading technique really stretched my hair and gave my twists a lot of length.

Well that ‘s all for now until next time

Peace & Blessings and Have a HHJ 🙂

My Hair after African Threading

My mini twists has major stretch!!


My hair after the stretched braid

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