My First Impressions of Oyin Handmade’s GrandPoo Bar & Honey Hemp Conditioner

5 Aug

Hey ya’ll!

A couple of days ago I washed my hair using Oyin Handmade’s GrandPoo Bar, this was my first time using any of Oyin Handmade’s products but I’ve seen many reviews and heard great things about their products. I bought them about two months ago when I first installed my braids and had been dying to try them since they arrived in the mail!

I washed my hair with the GrandPoo bar while in the shower (something I rarely do because I already take long showers) only because think it would be a little difficult to hold a shampoo bar in one hand and a sink attachment hose in the other. My hair was already detangled (I detangle before I wash) and separated it onto  my normal 5-6 sections. I rubbed the bar on my scalp and hair and to my surprise it gave a nice lather. I noticed that once I stopped working the suds in and left them along they just kinda absorbed into my hair which I found strange because I’ve never experienced that with a shampoo before. It rinsed away clean and easy and my hair did not feel stripped. I didn’t have a lot of tangles or SSKs (single strand knots) any tangles I did have I could just easily smooth out with my fingers. Overall I was very impressed, I’m going to give it another swirl next week when I do my protein & deep conditioning treatments.

After I got out the shower I wrapped my hair in a T-shirt (to soak up some the water), sat around for about 15 mins,  got dressed then applied the Imfamous Honey Hemp Conditioner. I REALLY  like this stuff! I applied it a little at a time to see if it would take a lot of product to take effect on my hair, I could feel my hair soften and become moist instantly! A little goes a loong way I was able to apply the conditioner to my entire head using only half the 2oz sample bottle. I used it as a leave-in because I was too lazy to put my head back under any water but I had heard in reviews that it was good as leave-in and deep conditioner so I figured I’ll test it as both since I had enough for another use. 🙂 I’m again very impressed, my hair didn’t take all day to dry and feels incredibly soft and smooth from my roots to my tips! I’m really interested to see how it will perform as a deep conditioner especially following my egg white protein treatment.

Check back in for my final verdict….until next time 

Thanx for stopping by!

Peace & Blessing Happy HHJ~

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