On a Quest for the Perfect Staples Products

7 Jul

The first year of my HHJ I focused on learning my hair and nursing it back to better health, products or ingredients weren’t necessarily important. Starting into my second year I feel I know my hair a lot better and I’m ready to find my staple products. I want to at least 2-3 lines for each product (shampoo, condish, styler, etc.)

I would prefer my staples to be organic/all natural products, not saying that I won’t try/use product that aren’t natural but I want the products I use on a everyday basis to be natural. I’m looking to stay away from cones, mineral oil, petroleum, only because I’m no longer a fan of sulfate shampoos and we all know that a sulfate shampoo is needed to completely remove those ingredients from your strands. My hair is thirsty-dry and I’ m looking for thick  and creamy butters, styles, and conditioners with nourishing oils that my strands and scalp will actually absorb.

There are only a few organic/all natural lines available on ground , in my area to my knowledge.  I am hoping to find at least one  organic/all natural line at my local Walmart, Target or Walgreens just so if I ever rn out of all my staples at one time I’ll be able to access them easier. Of course I would love to find affordable lines but I also understand that organic  product can be costly.

I recently purchased some things to try from Aurbrey’s Organics and Oyin Handmade. I got the snack pack sampler which contains the Honey Hemp Conditioner, Hair Dew Conditioner, Burnt Sugar Pomade, Shine & Define Styling Serum, & Greg Juice.  I also bought the Grand Poo Bar. From Aubrey Organics I got the Island Naturals Replenishing Shampoo and the HoneySuckle Rose Conditioner. Once I take my braids down I’ll be trying a few of these products and letting you gals know how I liked them.

Until next time…Thanx for stopping by!

Peace & Blessings Have a Happy HHJ

P.S If you’ve tried any of these products or know any good organic/all natural products PLEASE feel free to share !

2 Responses to “On a Quest for the Perfect Staples Products”

  1. ambeescurls June 4, 2014 at 6:06 pm #

    ☺️ thank you


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