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Summer Protective Styling: Crown & Glory Method

26 Jun

This summer I hope to reach my goal of APL. So I decided to incorporate the Crown & Glory Method into my summer regimen to help me retain length, keep my hair and scalp moisturized, and give my hair a break from everyday manipulation.

I FINALLY finished braiding my hair in June 1st. They’re small waist length individuals, done with kanekalon hair I braided the ends and dipped them so they’re wavy. I plan on keeping them in until the middle-end of July. I’m also incorporating my 

The day I finished my braids (I was tired)

challenge with the Crown & Glory method to how aid in thickness and growth.

Everyday or every other day I’ve been spritzing my braids and scalp with water and seal it with an oil (grapeseed, coconut, or olive oil). I then seal the moisture on scalp  with JBCO. (I recently added Aloe Vera juice to my water spritz) At night I just put my braids in a ponytail and sleep on my satin pillowcase, all these braids would never fit into a bonnet! I’ve done a few styles but I mostly wear them down with a side part.

OMG!! No one told me all these braids would be so hot! Lol My next set of braids or twists will definitely be shorter because this hair has had me burning up! I plan on rebraiding the perimeter of my head this weekend or early next week.

I’ll be checking in a couple of weeks and letting you all know how this method is coming along for me so until next….

~Peace & Blessings & Have a HHJ~

Let me if you’re protective styling or using the Crown & Glory Method leave a comment!


Crown & Glory Method

13 Jun


    ImageAbout a month or so ago I came across a video on the Crown & Glory Method and I decided I would be giving it a try this summer and probably continue throughout the rest of the year.

Some of you may already be familiar with this method, but the main purpose of the Crown & Glory Method is to retain length and thickness. You’re basically using extensions such as cornrows, individual braids, twists, etc. to protective style. You keep your braids/twists in for 2-3 months at a time and keep your scalp and braids moisturized. Rebraid or twist the braids/twists around the outer perimeter as needed to keep your braids/twists looking fresh and to prevent build-up. 


Here are a few tips for the Crown & Glory Method:

  •  Keep your scalp & braids/twists moisturized 
  •  Try to minimize styling and pulling for 1-2 weeks
  •  Make sure braids/twists aren’t too tight
  •  Do not try to braids/twists all your edges
  •  Make sure your braids/twists aren’t too heavy
  •  Make sure your braids/twists aren’t too small
  •  Make sure the parting isn’t too small, so hair can have room to grow
  •  Sleep on a satin case or use a satin scarf
  •  You can wash or co-wash your braids/twists
  •  Use a little Witch Hazel and hot water to remove build-up from your scalp

The Crown & Glory Method seems to be a great way to protective style. Extensions braids/twists can last for months and doesn’t require much maintenance. If you’re looking to give your hair a break for or trying to retain your length, try incorporating the Crown & Glory Method into your regimen. I think you’ll really benefit from it!

Thanx for stopping by until next time Peace & Blessing ~HHJ~