My Experience using Peroxide to Lighten My Hair

18 May


Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking I’ve lost my natural mind, putting peroxide in my hair. Peroxide can dry your hair out causing some serious breakage but it’s been use as a hair lightener by many people.

I’ve seen many natural ladies with beautiful colors and highlights on YouTube and after watching their videos I started to think about coloring my hair. My hair is dark brown and around the spring I get a few natural red highlights. I’ve never colored or bleached my hair before, besides a burgundy rinse when I was 15. I wanted to dye my hair an auburn color and that meant bleaching my hair.

At first I was cool with the thought of bleaching my hair, it wasn’t like I was going to do it myself or go to any stylist. The guy, who did my Mom’s hair back in the day, does my younger cousin’s hair and her hair is colored and healthy. So I figured he could color mines.

 As my journey progressed and goals had been made, I started to rethink bleaching my hair. Was I really willing to take should a risk during the time I’m really starting to see my hair thrive?  Was my hair really healthy enough to handle bleaching? What if my hair started to break off because of the bleach? All these questions were going back and forth through my mind. I was really worried about my hair becoming dry after bleaching it; I was very close to changing my mind.

One day while on YouTube I searched “How to naturally lighten natural hair”, and I got tons of results. I watched a video on using a mixture of peroxide, lemon juice, honey, and baking soda which had some great results and it didn’t take long. I was interested in trying it but kept searching and came across a video of a girl discussing how she used peroxide, lemon juice and a spray bottle. She said all she did was fill her spray bottle with peroxide and 2tsps. of lemon juice. Sprayed her hair, combed it through and went to sleep. The next day she sprayed her hair again, let it dry and sprayed it again and she did this all day. That night she washed her hair with Tresemme’s damaged hair shampoo and conditioner and did an oil treatment.  You could definitely see that her hair had lightened from a dark brown to an auburn color. Her hair had shine and looked healthy still. She even mentioned that her hair didn’t feel dry or any different than before.

So last Sunday night I sprayed my hair in 6 or 7 sections, combed it through and twisted it, put on my plastic baggie and bonnet (I didn’t want my hair to completely dry out while I was sleep) and went to sleep. When I got up I noticed my hair had lightened, I sprayed my again and let it air dry. About 7 P.M that evening I sprayed my hair for the last time and let it dry. Around 10 P.M, I rinsed my hair with cold water. I immediately put in my fav Tresemme’s Moisture Rich Conditioner twisted my sections back up put in my plastic cap and bonnet. I left the conditioner in my hair until about 3 P.M that afternoon. After shampooing and DCing with Mane and Tail’s deep moisture and JBCO conditioner mix my hair felt moisturized as always. My ends didn’t feel dry or crunchy I was pleased with my results, my hair lightened to a light brown/reddish brown color.  (That was the best way I could describe it) lol.
Here’s a picture of before and after:



4 Responses to “My Experience using Peroxide to Lighten My Hair”

  1. Ashley May 20, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    She got me on this hair journey

    • ambeescurls May 20, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

      Yea yea, you’ll be thanking me when your heat damage is gone and yo curls are popping again!:P

  2. Dolores January 5, 2014 at 4:37 am #

    So it didnt cause any damage?

    • ambeescurls June 4, 2014 at 6:08 pm #

      Hi, sorry that I’m just now responding. No I did not experience any damage in any way.

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