My hair story

26 Apr


  As a Child I had long, thick, course hair. All I wore were cornrows styles and pigtails with barrettes. I think around age 8 my Mom started to press my hair once a month. After years of getting pressed and beat for trying to escape, I begged my Mom for a relaxer. She wore a relaxer and I wanted to have hair like hers and not have to get mines pressed. For a while she said no, but eventually gave in. I was 11 when I got my first relaxer, I loved it I thought I was a big girl! I don’t really remember how often I got them but I don’t think it was too frequent.

Middle school my hair began to break because I wasn’t taking care of it properly. So my Mom started getting my hair braided. Sixth and seventh grade I wore braids most of the time. Eighth grade I started going to a Salon owned by my cousin. She did our hair every other Saturday 8 A.M like clockwork. She used to style my hair in flat twist in the front and flipped curls in the back or wraps. I don’t think my hair was all that healthy at the time. In the ninth grade the unbelievable happened, when I had to get a short haircut because my hair had broken off so badly. I rocked my short do for about a month and a half before I started wearing weave ponytail styles. When I started tenth grade I was wearing wraps again.

I relaxed my hair every 4-6 months through my high school years. I got my last relaxer my eleventh grade year. After relaxing my hair, I noticed that my hair was dry and my ends felt brittle. So I mentioned it to my mom and she to me to stop relaxing, so that’s when I decided I would be leaving relaxers along. I got my last relaxer April 2006.

June 1, 2007 (my prom) I went to a friend of my mother’s to have her style my hair and she cut most of my relaxed ends off. She asked me how long I had been without a relaxer, I told her about a year and she told not to relax again. I ensured her I wouldn’t.

In October 2009, I got my hair cut in some really deep layer. My hair grows in a V-shape, my hair in the back it the longest, I thought if I got my hair cut it would all eventually grow even. When it grew back the same way, I cut it again in May 2010 but only about one inch or so. June 2010 until April 2011 I wore sew-ins. My hair was still being neglected moisture and I was using heat on my hair daily. My hair was growing but it was thin and I wanted thick hair.

One day while doing some research for a speech, I stumble across the “Natural Hair Community” on YouTube. I watched a TON of videos on how to grow thick hair, I was so intrigued by the all the beautiful hair and information I discovered that I decided to do my speech on “How to grow thick and healthy hair”. I learned so much in those two weeks I researched for my speech, that I decided I wanted to start my HHJ and take care of MY hair. So May 10, 2011  I started a simple little regimen and to my surprise I stuck with it and now here I am almost a year later, looking forward to the next!  HHJ

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